Size Guide & Jewelry Maintenance

The size of the bracelet is given as the diameter in cm. If a bracelet is elastic, the size will be given in both its original state and when the bracelet is fully stretched.

All lengths of the chains are given in cm, these measurements are the circumference of the necklace. If you want to know how far down charms and pendants hang, you just divide the circumference in two, although remember that it will hang a bit higher as the chain also wraps around the neck. Want to know more precisely how the necklace will sit on you so you can take a thread, measure the the specified size and wrap around the neck.


If it is stated that a ring is "unisize" or "onesize" it means that it fits any finger. Otherwise the sizes are indicated in U.S standards. For double and triple rings different sizes are listed. You can easily check out what size that suits you from the table below. Our most common sizes in our collection are marked bold.


Jewelry Maintenance

If you want your jewelry to last and maintain a fresh look avoid contact with water and damp rooms like bathrooms. Jewelry may have discoloration if it comes into direct contact with perfume, hairspray and other chemicals found in hand cream. Therefore, one should not spray perfume directly on the jewelry. It is common to find stains on sterling silver 925, as the metal surface is oxidized as a natural process. This can easily be removed with a special polishing cloth for silver which can be bought in regular jewelry stores.

The jewelry that is handmade or has crystals, stones and other small details may be sensitive to harsh bumps like falling on a hard surface. To prevent the crystals and rhinestones to fall off put on a thin layer of clear nail polish a few times a year on the surface where the stones are.

Take off your jewelry before you go to sleep, otherwise it can easily be damaged during the night. Try to have it as a habit to take off your jewelry and store it in a jewelry box or on a jewelry tree, so that it avoids contact with other jewelry.

When it comes to the Tribalia jewelry it is important to take good care of it, many these pieces of jewelry are handmade. Some of them are very old and have traveled long distances. Be careful not to bend the bracelets too much, especially those with stones as they are secured by a special Tibetan fusing mass. Avoid dampness and contact with water to keep the metal's aesthetic qualities and fixation of the stones.