Who is a MADLADY? We see her as the free-spirited chick everyone turns their eyes to as she struts down the street. Her confidence and unique style becomes a black hole for passerby. She doesn´t conform to societal norms or demand approval, she bases her style on her own aspirations and interests. A MADLADY is she who thrives in her own skin and makes her own fun, undeterred by public opinion.

MADLADY was founded in 2011 by two creative minds that put their heads together to create a masterpiece. The goal was to establish a company unlike any other, done by introducing niche clothing, makeup and accessories into the Nordic market. Bright colors, patterns and imagination are the three ingredients used to define a MADLADY’s wardrobe. Within our wide range of products can be found something for every individual and every occasion. 2015 marked the year MADLADY proudly accepted the ‘Fashion Boutique of the Year’ award by Finest Awards and still today, is one of the hottest online shops among fashion conscious women.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."
— Yves Saint-Laurent

Our mission is to be the leading online fashion webshop for women ages 18 to 30 worldwide. We put a great amount of emphasis on the customer and offer an unbeatable range of international brands as much as custom designed clothing and accessories.

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